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How Our Marriage Advice Will Benefit Your Relationship

Finding quality marriage advice can be few and far between, especially when it comes to touchy subjects like sex, conflict and infidelity. Well, trust me, at We Are Relationships (WAR), there is no problem too big to handle. Here are three reasons you’ll love our marriage advice.

Reason #1: Our marriage advice comes from trained professionals who have been married for over 30 years and have raised four adult children.

Jim and Teresa have had their ups and downs. They have weathered financial turmoil and found ways to keep their marriage alive even while raising four children. And what they have found is that none of this would have been possible were it not for book and blogs such as this. Think of your marriage as a new, disassembled DIY bookshelf that has just arrived. When you empty the contents of the box, all the pieces are separated and scattered about. The only way to know how to assemble it is with the instruction manual. And that’s what this blog is: an instruction manual for your marriage. Jim and Teresa have experience upon experience. They have been in the business of helping marital relationships for over 20 years.

Reason #2: We have a sense of humor and a non-judgmental, real disposition.

We love to make learning about marriage exciting and fun. People look at marriage in a negative way, but we show you just how positive marriage can be. Even Jim and Teresa don’t have it all figured out, but with a little grace and a lot of faith, they continue to grow in their relationship and help others do the same. No situation is too hard for us, and there are no dumb questions. Speaking of tough situations….

Reason #3: We cover topics that most relationship “gurus” typically don’t.

Some issues couples go through aren’t in line with mainstream media. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t important. Domestic violence is a serious issue, but there are couples who want to do what is necessary to overcome it. What if your spouse is suffering from depression and that’s putting a strain on your marriage? How do you cope? How to you support your spouse? These are just a few examples of truly tough situations for some couples. We are equipped and ready to expound on any topic related to marriage and how best to deal with it. The further you get away from the white noise advising married couples, the better.

We could go on and on, but let’s just leave it there. Actions speak louder than words.

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Thanks so much for reading! Need more help? Schedule a Strategy Session for your relationship today! We are here to help. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more tips and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for encouragement. Until next time!

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