Is Intensive Marriage Counseling Effective?

Updated: May 14, 2019

In addition to traditional methods of marriage counseling and coaching where you meet one on one with a therapist or coach, we do offer Marriage Intensives where you spend a full day with Jim & Teresa working on your marriage.

Our Intensive Marriage Counseling Programs are designed primarily for couples who are struggling in their marriage. We commonly hear reports like..."Our passion has faded away," "I'm living with a stranger,"or "I've lost hope of this marriage ever getting better." But most commonly we hear, "I'm exhausted with trying to make it work, and I'm ready to give up."

If you are fighting for your marriage, or you know a couple in this situation, please don't give up hope. We have found that God is completely available and committed to marriages being restored, and we see Him perform the miraculous through our marriage counselors each and every week.

Why is Intensive Marriage Counseling so effective?

  1. Intensives aren't confined to the time restraints of brief weekly marriage counseling sessions.

  2. Couples are away from daily distractions for the duration of their experience.

  3. Couples work with a team of trained marriage counselors.

  4. An Intensive is a multi-day, focused, marriage counseling experience.

  5. Our counselors are passionate about helping couples identify core issues and uncover hidden obstacles.

  6. Couples acquire new understanding and skills to help make their marriage successful.

  7. The Intensive program was developed by marriage expert, Dr. Robert S. Paul, and has been improved and refined by a talented team of professional therapists.

If you don’t want your marriage to end in divorce, but you don’t know how to keep it together, then our Marriage Restoration Intensives are the solution you are looking for. The Marriage Restoration Intensive is based on over a decade of intense clinical research by the Smalley’s proven to increase marital satisfaction and significantly decrease your chances of divorce.

What is a Marriage Restoration Intensive? A One-day or two-day Marriage Restoration Intensive is designed for one couple and one marriage counselor and/or highly trained marriage coach. These are scheduled at your convenience and are available upon request. You can call us at (769) 257-0820 to schedule a Marriage Restoration Intensive to fit your schedule.

What makes MRI different from other counseling programs? Our program is unique because it focuses on a spiritually based modeling of working with couples developed by the Smalley’s. This model has been utilized all over the country and has been found to be successful with the vast majority of attendees. Experience a profound change No matter what state your marriage is in, our intensives will make a profound impact on your marriage. Couples who are stressed will learn why they are stressed and actually be able to significantly increase their marital satisfaction.


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